The Projects Department is characterized by its distinguished projects in various fields, which have been applied in many institutions and departments of the country
Below is a collection of projects in the photo that have been completed under the direct supervision of our company’s projects department

Lead The Federal Police Forces
Jedar Center
Zayouna Mall Building
Al Israa university college
The Gulf Commercial Bank
Tourist Games Island
Al - Farahidi College
Najaf International Airport
Sadr Power Station
Al-Sindbad Land
Ministry of Defense
Headquarters of the Federal Police Forces
Alawi Train Station
Office Of The Minister Of Industry And Minerals
Baghdad Chamber of Commerce
University of Wasit - Faculty of Management and Economics
Jalfar Games City / Basrah
Class Rooms / Israa University
Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Baghdad International Airport
Palestine Meridien Hotel
City visitors - holy city of Karbala
Wasit Power Station
Oil Projects Company - Zaafaraniyah
Federal Police - 3rd and 7th Brigade
Integrity Commission
Command of the Federal Police Forces
Basra Oil Fields - Al Bargesia
Command of the Iraqi border guards
Karbala Power Station
Iraqi General Retirement
Iraqi Police Stations
Iraqi Gas Power Plant Stations
The Council of the Province of Baghdad
Iraqi General Retirement
Iraqi Ministry Of Justice
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